Do You do humanitarian work?

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Pastor Chris Surber explains the biblical philosophy that under-girds all of the compassion ministries of Supply and Multiply. Matthew 25:35-36.  

Does Supply and Multiply Preach the Gospel?

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Pastor Chris Surber discusses the aim of the ministry - to lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:16-20.   

how to speak with a translator

Speaking to some from outside of our culture through a translator can be intimidating and challenging. In this video Pastor Chris gives a few key principles on the mechanics and heart matter of speaking through a translator.  (5 min)

how to speak without a translator

Don't be afraid to interact with people from another culture even without knowing their language. You'll be amazed how far heart-to-heart, life-on-life interaction can take us when we have the courage to try! (3 min)