About Us


Our Story

The story of Supply and Multiply is the story of one woman's desire to go on a mission trip to Haiti and her husband and family being swept up in what  has become a growing missional movement in Montrouis, Haiti. That one week long mission trip was the seed that led  Pastor Chris & Christina Surber to establish Supply and Multiply. 


What We Believe

Supply and Multiply in an undenominational Christian ministry. We partner with churches vast and varied from nearly every corner of Christendom. We affirm the historic Christian faith with particular emphasis  upon the principles of Chrisian Compassion found in Matthew 25 and in the Great Commission in Matthew 28.


Your Story

Our story can be your story. We Host several mission teams every year in Montoruis, Haiti. Hundreds of people have come to Haiti with us and experienced the power of God in their lives as they share the love of Jesus through their lives. Interested in an extended season of ministry in Haiti? Consider serving with us. Be a part of what God is doing!

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus