Sponsor a Child for School

School Sponsorship Program



When you sponsor a child, you will receive a thank you letter and a photo of the child you are sponsoring.

Here is a complete list of all of the staff and the children associated with them.

Ben: Jeyden (brother)
Emanuel: Thabita and Daroseverline
Gary: Ehoud, Danny and Givens, Weus, and Kerlens are his deceased sister-in-laws children
Germain: Kenricki and Isabelle
Gladys:  Syncia, Chrislove, and Vailcklif
Guerby: Steevendy
Kedner: Tertulien Ednelson
Ludia: Not staff child, God led to sponsor
Mireille: Clavencia, Rolph, Thwasee, and Benjina (mother is deceased)
Mirlande: Steline, Bettina, (Siblings) and Jamesley (abandoned at young age)
Nickson: Widson, Lorvens, and Ketna
Rose-andre:  Annise Charles and Marlie Francois
Sherline: Codee, Fernando, Genie, Lep, Phoebe
Wendy:Bible Club Student, God led to sponsor
Yolande: Cantave and Estephanie​​

Matye: God led to Sponsor

​Christo: God led to Sponsor

Edna: God led to Sponsor

Leila: God led to Sponsor

Lichineda: God led to Sponsor

Michaela: God led to Sponsor

Nancy:God led to Sponsor

Selena: God led to Sponsor

John Parick: God led to Sponsor

Stevenson: God led to Sponsor

Dado: God led to Sponsor

Fedeno: Vocational Training-Floor Tile

Phedlene Charle: Post High School Student (Office Automation)
Elzah Germain: Post High School Student (Nursing) 

Stessy: Post High School Student (Computer Science)

Rachel: Post High School Student (Radiology)

Rosemerly: Post High School Student (Accounting)

Garcon: Post High School Student (Nursing)

Financial Information:

You can support us monthly through PayPal, Bank Draft, or by mailing donations directly to our ministry treasurer. 

PayPal: contact@supplyandmultiply.com

Bank Draft: 

Deposit should be made into the Supply and Multiply Account #87010095535. Routing #051400549 

Supply and Multiply, 15202 NW 147th Drive, Suite 1200 #245, Alachua, Florida 32615