Supply and Multiply
Supply and Multiply

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    School Sponsorships



    When you sponsor a child, you will receive a thank you letter and a photo of the child you are sponsoring.

    Here is a complete list of all of the staff and the children associated with them.

    Ben: Jeyden (brother)
    Emanuel: Thabita and Daroseverline
    Gary: Ehoud, Danny and Givens, Weus, and Kerlens are his deceased sister-in-laws children
    Germain: Kenricki and Isabelle
    Gladys:  Syncia, Chrislove, and Vailcklif
    Guerby: Steevendy
    Kedner: Tertulien Ednelson
    Ludia: Not staff child, God led to sponsor
    Mireille: Clavencia, Rolph, Thwasee, and Benjina (mother is deceased)
    Mirlande: Steline, Bettina, (Siblings) and Jamesley (abandoned at young age)
    Nickson: Widson, Lorvens, and Ketna
    Rose-andre:  Annise Charles and Marlie Francois
    Wendy:Bible Club Student, God led to sponsor
    Yolande: Cantave and Estephanie​​

    Matye: God led to Sponsor

    ​Johnley: Bible Club Student
    Christo: God led to Sponsor

    Phedlene Charle: Post High School Student (Office Automation)

    Elzah Germain: Post High School Student (Nursing)