Mission Statement


The mission of Supply and Multiply is to share the Gospel and Compassion of Jesus Christ in Montrouis, Haiti. 

We do this by equipping and empowering indigenous Christians, partnering with local churches, caring for the vulnerable elderly, educating future generations, Bible Clubs,  increasing food stability, and staying always awake to other ways as God leads us. 

We are glorifying God in Haiti! 

Our Mission


Matthew 25 Houses - Elderly Care

Supply and Multiply operates 2 Matthew 25 Houses. There is a men's home in the Fishing Village and a woman's home in the Mango District. Our staff and mission teams also provide supplemental care to many elderly and special needs people in the community. 


Matthew 25 Builds - Home Builds

Working with our home build parters "One Heart 2 Homes," churches, mission teams, families and individuals, Supply and Multiply has built and continues to build several houses for families in the community in homeless or substandard housing conditions. 


Faith Farms Haiti

Supply and Multiply is working to bring sustainable agricultural programs to Montrouis, Haiti. This is a difficult process as growing conditions because of environmental difficulty, such as limited access to water, are greatly limiting factors in Haiti. We continue to develop programs to make a difference in nutritional needs in Haiti. 

Fishing Ministry

It has been said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. In Haiti, there are lots of fisherman who know how to fish but lack access to the resources that make it possible for them to fish. 

  • We identify men of Christian character for whom a boat and/or other fishing equipment (nets, line, etc.) would be a blessing. 
  • Director Gary speaks to the men and makes a plan for securing a boat or other items to enable them to feed themselves, their family, and to sell fish at market. 
  • A portion of the fish is contributed to the Matthew 25 House program. 


These are the Faces