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Pastor Chris Surber - Executive Director

I am the Pastor of Mt. Hope Congregational Church in Livonia, Michigan. I have also served churches in Florida, Virginia, and Illinois. My degrees are from Liberty University, Liberty Theological Seminary, and Temple Baptist Seminary. (B.S., M.A.R., M.Div. D.Min.) 

As the co-founders of Supply and Multiply, my wife Christina and I established and set the direction for the ministry. She is very much the heart that drives the spirit of Supply and Multiply. Working closely with Gary, the director of daily operations for Supply and Multiply, I oversee all organizational, fundraising, and regular activities of the ministry. 

Supply and Multiply is an extension of my work as a local pastor. It has become an extension for many local churches, small groups, families, and people from across the spectrum of Christendom to extend the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond their doorsteps! 

Supply and Multiply is more than a mission agency. It is a vehicle through which discipleship is taking place in the lives of mission team members, supporters, donors, partners, and in the lives of people in Haiti! 

Contact Us to start your journey! Contact me directly with any questions with regard to the ministry, speaking engagements, or how you can help and be a part of what God is doing!


The Surber Family

In 2013 Christina Surber overheard a friend talking about a group of women headed to Haiti. The Surber family journey was the seed out of which has sprung the tree of the ministry of supply and multiply with so many branches bearing so much fruit. Christina said, “I’d like to go to Haiti with you! I've always wanted to go on a mission trip to Haiti.” Having grown up in Florida, she was always curious how it could be that an island nation so close to America to be filled with tales of such extreme poverty.

That mission trip was life-changing for her. A few months later she persuaded her husband, Pastor Chris Surber, to venture to Haiti with her. That trip changed everything for the Surber family. Chris and Christina took their four children with them to Haiti only a few months later and began to make plans to incorporate a ministry God led them to call Supply and Multiply from the words of II Corinthians 9:10. “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” (ESV)

In 2014 the Surbers took a large mission team to Haiti, made up mostly of friends from the churches in the Suffolk Virginia area. In 2015 the Surbers move to Haiti with four kids and God added a Haitian girl to their family. In 2015 the Surbers hosted mission teams from churches in Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina. Additionally, they acquired the language and cultural skills necessary for ministry in Haiti. God granted them great favor that year as they develop relationships with many of the Haitian people who currently lead ministry every day in Haiti.

That was a challenging year, filled with all of the struggles that come along with living in a foreign land but God was faithful. The Lord allow them to establish the first Matthew 25 House, begin evangelizing to children, supporting Haitian fishermen, a relationship was established with “One Heart 2 Homes,” that allow them to begin building houses for families living in homeless conditions or in substandard housing. God granted the Surber family great favor and establishing close relationships with the Evangelical Baptist Church and the Pentecostal Church in Montrouis, Haiti, as well as friendships with several other churches and organizations and missionaries in Haiti. It was a fruitful year!

n late 2015, Pastor Chris returned to the United States to serve Liberty Spring Christian Church, the sister church of Cypress Chapel Christian Church, where he had served before moving to Haiti. Since then Supply and Multiply has taken and continues to take several mission teams a year to Haiti. The network of ministry supporters and sending churches continues to grow beyond North Carolina and Virginia as the work that God is doing through Supply and Multiply is being spread by friends of the ministry, world race teams that Supply and Multiply hosts, and through other ways as God continues to grant favor upon this growing work that is impacting lives!

In 2018 pastor Chris accepted the pastorate at their Church home at Mt. Hope Congregational church in Livonia, Michigan. The Surber family continues to travel with several mission teams a year and then extended stays hosting teams in Haiti. God has richly blessed what began as a family project into a thriving and growing ministry. Now there are several families who have been transformed through this ministry. Supply and multiply is indeed a new family of families, churches, and individuals who, like the Surber family, have had their hearts set ablaze with a passion to see God's glory in Haiti!

This ministry began as the seed of one woman's desire to go on a one-week mission trip to Haiti. What seed has God planted in your heart that may lead to fruit? Contact us to find out how our story can become your story too. 

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